Human Rights and Peace

Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP)


SCORP is built upon the fundamental value that Hong Kong is a region where all individuals are entitled full and equal access to their human rights, where no one is disregarded and where the entire society unite to help the most vulnerable population of the region.


Our mission, first and foremost, is to encourage medical students to actively promote and protect human rights. We wish to increase medical students’ awareness of the healthcare of the region’s most vulnerable population, through introducing them to different forms of humanitarian action through projects and cooperation with external organisation. Our goal is to create activities such as but not limited to campaigns and advocacy to fulfil the visions and missions IFMSA SCORP, and to collaborate with NMOs of the region to bring our own vision to life.


Disabilities Awareness Week

Social prejudice towards the differently-abled is not something that far away from us in Hong Kong. The aim of #DifferentlyAble Disabilities Awareness Week is to dispel harmful misconceptions of disabled persons within the public sphere and to highlight the systemic discrimination against the disabled in this week-long campaign. This year, the campaign involved a week-long social media posting of infographics and videos, complemented by the “Disabilities Experience Day” at the end of the week that gave participants first-hand experience of commuting around HKU in wheelchairs, as well as the opportunity to hear from Dr. Jennifer Lui, Hong Kong’s first wheelchair doctor, the challenges and difficulties faced by individuals with physical disabilities. Furthermore, the founder of Home Care Apparel Company Limited, Ms. Swing Lau, shared with the participants the little-known topic of adaptive clothing and gave them the chance to try on these adaptive clothing. This event served as a microcosm for the challenges of accessibility that those with physical disabilities encounter in our urban home.

Disaster Medicine

Disasters and humanitarian emergencies are becoming increasingly intense and frequent, such as the political instabilities and the global pandemic that we are experiencing recently. The delivery of healthcare under extraordinary circumstances has become all the more relevant. Hence despite the Disaster Medicine Workshop being cancelled this year, SCORP intends to deliver this event with prospective Training Disaster Medicine Trainers this coming year. SCORP aims to better equip medical students with the skills to deal with such emergencies. Participants would be introduced to the fundamental concepts of disaster medicine such as Triage, Pre-Hospital Management and Hospital Management. If possible, SCORP also wishes to enrich the participant’s experience with more professional input by collaborating with MSF and Professor Emily Chan.