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Organized by the Asian Medical Students' Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK), MedStart is a 2-day medical school immersion program for secondary school students who are interested in applying to medical school. Our theme this year was Recover With Resilience. This program provided aspiring medics a glimpse into the life of a medical student, and how our knowledge relates to and impacts the world around us.


We aim to build your understanding of medical school, your knowledge of a career in medicine, and finally, to assist you in making an informed decision about medical school in preparation for your university application process. 


Some of the program highlights included:


  • Lectures by CUHK and HKU professors

  • Information on both universities’ curricula

  • Tutorials and problem-based learning

  • Physical tours of both medical campuses and facilities

  • Sharing panel from healthcare professionals and current medical students 

  • Discussions on ethics and social issues

  • Practical activities on anatomy, histology, microbiology, and more!

Stay tuned for updates on MedStart 2024!



The DIMPLE Fund stands for Diversity in Medical Practice, Leadership & Education. It is an initiative created to encourage increased participation of ethnic minorities in MedStart. We understand that the EM community is underrepresented in our medical community, serving as an implication for possible lower quality healthcare and treatment for our patients. Justice and equity are core values in our student society; as such, we want to take a step to address this problem, starting with inviting more EM participants to MedStart to introduce them to a career in medicine in Hong Kong. With generous support from external parties, the DIMPLE fund will provide interested EM participants with a scholarship in joining MEDSTART.

Sponsorship and Promotion

If you would like to support this initiative and donate to the DIMPLE fund, please feel free to contact us. With your generous support, we will be able to expand this initiative and reach more EM students in need. If you are an NGO that serves the EM community, we would highly appreciate your help in disseminating this information and promoting the fund. 

Past MedStart themes

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