Academic Department (ACAD)


The Academic department of AMSAHK follows the structure of the Asian Medical Students Association, AMSA. Our department is first and foremost committed to the fostering of interest and ability in academic research within medicine. This vision is enacted on two scopes. 


Firstly, the Academic department seeks to raise awareness of the possibilities of participation in academic research among the medical student communities of Hong Kong University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We also hope to increase interest, familiarity, and ability in the process of research, as this skill we believe to be necessary both to education in medical school, as well as development further on in various medical careers. 


The second, focused scope lies within AMSAHK; our department seeks to hone our own capability in writing and presenting research, and to use these skills to increase the reputation of Hong Kong’s research among medical students internationally through participation in academic conferences.


The Asian Medical Student Association, of which AMSAHK is a chapter, hosts two conferences yearly, the EAMSC and the AMSC, both of which combine cultural, academic, and educational exchange. The Academic department participates in both conferences, though we take different roles in each one.


During the winter term period, the Asia Medical Student Association hosts a yearly East Asian Medical Students Conference (EAMSC), in a different East Asian country every year.


The job of the Academic department of AMSAHK is to plan, execute, and present research for two scientific competitions held at this conference – a scientific poster competition, and a scientific paper competition. The goal of the competition is to train medical students in research practice, and to hone these skills for future development as leaders in medical research.


The competitions follow a different theme every year, and as AMSAHK our projects target issues relevant to Hong Kong, so that we gain a better understanding of the state of medical problems in Hong Kong. By participating in these competitions, we raise the reputation of Hong Kong as a research hub internationally, as well as learning about situations and perspectives in research from other countries.


Our work has been recognised in most, if not all, of the EAMSCs since 2011. We are grateful for the opportunity to present our findings to panels of professors and audience of delegates from all over Asia every year, as well as to receive awards for that.


The Asian Medical Students Conference (AMSC), on the other hand, is held in the summer period. The conference is similar to the EAMSC but on a larger scale, with more than 20 Asian-Pacific chapters. AMSAHK also participates in the two academic competitions held at this conference – a scientific paper and a scientific poster competition. However, traditionally our department takes on a different role for this conference, accomplishing a different aspect of the AMSAHK Academic department’s vision.


For the AMSC, the Academic department traditionally chooses to help the wider Hong Kong medical student body benefit take the experience and knowledge they’ve accumulated from EAMSC, by opening up participation to interested applicants from the wider student body. The Academic department then takes a guiding role, coaching the participants in the process of paper and poster writing as well as presentation. By so doing we hope to excite Hong Kong medical students’ interest in research.