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Interdepartmental Collaborations

Many issues that we explore in AMSAHK are intersectional. Different Standing Committees collaborate to create events that delve deeper into different dimensions.

Speak up: Sexually Smarter - A condom-making workshop

In collaboration with Sagami Hong Kong, SCOME and SCORA have arranged a series of four condom-making workshops. The workshops aim to educate medical students on sexual safety and sexually transmitted diseases. Our tutors from Sagami cover various topics, such as the history, the production process, and the proper usage of condoms. The engaging and fun activities would encourage  students to be mindful about safe sex and protection.

Contagion: Control or Compassion - Balancing ethics and public health

SCOPH and SCORP jointly held a workshop on outbreak response and the related ethical considerations SCOPH focused on epidemiology and policy decisions, whereas SCORP brought awareness to the inevitable clash between public health measures and individual rights. Professor Ivan Hung Fan-ngai was invited to share about pandemic management, and participants were put in the shoes of different stakeholders in multiple case scenarios to encourage them to think from different perspectives.

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