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1. How can I apply for MedStart?

MedStart applications are normally open in late December or early January. Stay tuned for updates on our website or Facebook page, where information about the annual programme will be released!


2. Does Asian Medical Students’ Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK) provide any form of clinical attachment?


We offer clinical attachment to members of IFMSA National Member Organisations (NMOs) who have signed bilateral SCOPE exchange contracts with AMSAHK. Interested overseas applicants can read more about AMSAHK’s exchange conditions here, and enquire with your own NMO on SCOPE applications in your home country.

3. Can I purchase medical malpractice insurance through AMSAHK?


AMSAHK does not provide any insurance purchase service. Both medical faculties in Hong Kong do not extend their medical malpractice insurance to short term exchange students. In the past, incoming students usually bought insurance in their home country before coming to Hong Kong, because as far as we know, none of the insurance companies in Hong Kong provide medical malpractice insurance for overseas individuals.


4. How does AMSAHK make use of its fundings?

AMSAHK is a non-profit organisation, and all our members work on a voluntary basis. We are not under the Student Union of The Chinese University of Hong Kong or the Hong Kong University Students' Union, hence we do not receive regular fundings from either university. All sponsorships and grants we receive are used to sustain our projects, fund our academic researches, advocacy campaigns and medical education activities, as well as to pay an annual fee to the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA), necessary for renewing Hong Kong medical students’ eligibility for participating in international conferences and overseas exchanges.

If you appreciate our work and would like to consider a donation, please contact us at


5. How can I get involved?


Current Medical Students
AMSAHK organises a wide range of activities for medical students from both universities. Check out our website and social media account to find out more about the local projects delivered by our four standing committees, as well as overseas exchange and student conference opportunities we offer. We recruit student volunteers for large-scale activities like MedStart. Feel free to join us as a group moderator or practical tutor - this is your chance to meet and inspire our highly motivated high school participants about medicine! Applications for MedStart helpers will be open in January or February.
If you are interested in hosting exchange medical students, we welcome both preclinical and clinical students to help out with our social programme for incoming students, where you can bond with peers from overseas and showcase the best side of your hometown to the world!

Prospective Medical Students
Secondary school students who are interested in applying for medical school can join our annual programme, MedStart. MedStart is a 2-day medical school experience course, which aims to enhance participants’ understanding of medical school, and assist them in making an informed decision about applying to medical school in the future. Follow our Facebook page for more information!

General Public
AMSAHK regularly collaborates with NGOs to work on advocacy campaigns. If you or your organisation finds that our vision and mission resonates with yours, AMSAHK is always open to any kinds of collaboration. Just drop us an email at!

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