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AM 2023

August Meeting (AM23) is an annual International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) conference. This year, it was held by the Executive Board of IFMSA at Delhi, India. Medical students across the world gather and discuss global health issues, share ideas, skills, and experiences on how we can act to improve medical education, promote global exchange, and advocate for public health and human rights.

This year, AMSAHK is proud to have sent 5 delegates to Delhi, India to attend AM23. Our delegates returned home with impressive accolades, and most notably after a long fight – we successfully gained associate member voting rights in IFMSA. Our Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace presented their event, 'Speak Your Truth: Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Human Rights' at the Activities Fair, and won the Most Innovative Award for this event. This year, our Standing Committee on Public Health registered their 'Organ Donation Ambassadors' event for the Rex Crossley's Awards. Among thousands of impressive submissions, AMSAHK was honoured to win 1st place at the Rex Crossley Award. We are incredibly proud of our executive committee for their achievements!

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Participant testimonials

The IFMSA August Meeting 2023 in Delhi, India has been an enriching experience from bonding with the AMSAHK delegation to meeting our beloved SCOME International Team in-person to learning with our fellow SCOMEdians worldwide. I enjoyed participating in TMET as a trainer and discussing with other SCOMEdians on topics such as Global Health Workforce, Social Accountability, Curriculum Designing and Development, Assessment and Evaluation. A highlight from TMET was having our external ScholarRx join us in providing a session about their bricks educational material and MeSAGE. It was also exciting to develop and deliver sessions with our SCOME International Team and Sessions Team during August Meeting, particularly on the topic of Advocacy for Community-Based Education. I was also inspired by the amazing activities showcased by our SCOME delegates at the SCOME Activities Fair; they are truly a testimony to the impact and achievements that students can have on their medical education worldwide. Finally, I am so honoured to have been elected as the next IFMSA Liaison Officer for Medical Education Issues for the term of 2023/2024. Thank you AMSAHK, SCOME, and IFMSA for trusting me with this position, and I look forward to a wonderful term together!

Michelle (HKU M24)

Attending August Meeting 2023 in New Delhi, India was a high note to mark the end of my journey at AMSAHK. I attended the SCORP sessions, where a highlight was the final day's SCORP Out of the Box session. This is a time for delegates to use their own creativity to lead sessions for the group, where there were not only stimulating discussions, but also plenty of energisers and games to keep us engaged. I also presented AMSAHK SCORP’s ‘Speak Your Truth’ Asia-Pacific regional collaboration at the Activities Fair, which had the honour of receiving the Most Innovative award. Sharing our activity on the global stage, fielding questions from eager delegates and hearing their feedback showed me that the activities we organise can make a genuine impact on medical students worldwide. Other than this, I represented AMSAHK at the Exchanges Fair and attended various plenaries to witness the decision-making process of IFMSA. These experiences brought together so many passionate medical students from around the world and a big shoutout to all the inspiring people I met along the way. 


Although the days went by in a blur with the late-night plenaries and early-morning starts, without a doubt, this General Assembly was full of milestones for AMSAHK. From the associate members gaining voting rights and having our first Liaison Officer elected to the Team of Officials, to AMSAHK SCOPH winning 1st place at the Rex Crossley Awards for 'Organ Donation Ambassadors', there were countless memorable moments during this short week. In short, AM23 was truly a rollercoaster ride!

- Jaime (HKU M27)

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