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AMSA Hong Kong is excited to host IFMSA's Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting in 2019!

APRM 2019 in Hong Kong

Pre-APRM Workshops: June 20th - June 23rd, 2019 

ARPM: June 23rd - June 27th, 2019 

Registration Deadlines: March 31st (Early); April 30th (Late)

Accommodation and Venue: The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong

The event is supported by the CUHK and HKU Faculty of Medicine, and the Meeting and Exhibitions Division of the HK Tourism Board.

For further details please read the invitation package.

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For enquiries, please email

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What is APRM?

The Regional Meetings (RM) take place every year in each IFMSA Region and are hosted by one National Member Organisation (NMO) from the respective region. Usually, the Asia-Pacific RM takes place in June/July, and are preceded by a pre-Regional Meeting, which are 3 days of training workshops on topics such as leadership development, medical education, and human rights advocacy. 


APRM features sessions such as keynote lectures, training workshops, activities fair, and cultural events, where delegates engage in discussions on international issues related to healthcare, learn about each other’s initiatives, and display their own cultures. IFMSA’s emphasis on peer-to-peer training means most sessions are conceptualised, planned, and delivered by medical students. In addition, theme events are organised by the Organising Committee on a topic relevant to their own country, and renowned experts in the field are invited externally to exchange their insights with conference delegates from the Asia-Pacific region.


APRM was most recently held in Seoul in June 2018, with the theme "Mental Health". APRM 2017 was held in Tokyo, with the theme of “Healthcare in conflicts and emergencies: medical workers towards building peace.”

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Where East Meets West

Shop till you Drop!


The City that Never Sleeps

Food, Glorious Food!

The Natural Side of Hong Kong

Pre-APRM Workshops

Training New Trainers

A TNT is an essential workshop to develop new Trainers. It is the crucial event from where the Capacity Building (CB) spreads. To be able to train is to be able to create the next generation of knowledge, leadership and change makers, develop individuals, and build capacity.

Due to recent change in IFMSA,  trainers have now a much more central role in the Federation, where they are used strategically to influence not only the development of individual skill but to achieve organisational maturity, sustainability, and progression.

Public Health Leadership Training on Innovation in Antimicrobial Resistance

The Public Health Leadership Training (PHLT) is the Standing Committee on Public Health's standardized workshop and it is imagined as a longitudinal concept of training IFMSAians. The workshop is built on three major pillars – Leadership, Activity Management and Public Health which deliver participants with all the necessary skills needed to become an asset to the Public Health work performed in their country. Participants are meant to leave the workshop with the proper knowledge and perspective which will allow them to take up leadership positions in their NMOs, countries, regions and on the international level.

Women’s Reproductive Health and Access to Safe Abortion Training (IPAS)

This workshop aims to increase IFMSA members' awareness of, experiences with and ability to effectively advocate for women and adolescents’ reproductive health, especially safe abortion. The training covers several related topics; for example: human, sexual and reproductive rights; abortion laws and policies; barriers to access care, including stigma; safe abortion methods; and identification and referral of women with abortion-related complications. The curriculum also includes information and activities on values clarification for abortion attitude transformation, as well as youth participation and leadership.

Training Medical Education Trainers

The 3 working days will challenge participants to understand their Medical Education System and elaborate ideas on how students can intervene and be partners in their education. The sessions will also focus on facilitation skills and session design, so that participants understand the basis and develop skills on non-formal education. The sessions will be organized in short presentations, with different interactive dynamics and hands on practice from participants.

Health Innovation Challenge

Date: June 20-24
Venue: The University of Hong Kong
Fee: USD $90
Registration deadline: March 31 (for IFMSA members), 30 April (for local participants)

A brand new addition to APRM, the HIC is an opportunity for you to explore the ever-evolving field of health technology and design your own solution to promote health equity. In a team with diverse yet equally passionate individuals, you will participate in a 3-day bootcamp where you will design an innovative pitch under the guidance of your specifically matched mentors, and if you’re lucky enough, have a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to pitch at the “Golden Egg” of Hong Kong Science Park!

Invitation Package
APRM Promotional Video

Dining Experience

Dim Sum, Chinese Barbeque, Hong Kong-style seafood, Chinese vegetarian cuisine, and much more!


Ocean Park

Enjoy a day of fun at the world-class theme park featuring the world’s largest aquarium dome, a plethora of animal exhibits, and not to mention, diverse thrill rides!


Tai O(大澳)

Get a glimpse of the “Venice of Hong Kong”, a historical fishing village with traditional households and street food.


Ngong Ping (昂坪)

Ride a cable car into the cultural lands of Lantau Island where the famous Big Buddha (天壇大佛) and Po Lin Monastery (寶蓮禪寺) lie.


The Peak(太平山頂)

Appreciate the city’s skyscrapers and stunning panoramic view from 428m above sea level.


Central District(中區)

Discover this old town where the East and West blend, and the past and present collide.

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