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IFMSA August Meeting 2022

The August Meeting is the second IFMSA general assembly, after the March Meeting, in a year. The agenda and the format of which is similar to the March Meeting, and is an opportunity for delegates from all over the world to meet and engage. This year, the August Meeting was held in Istanbul, Türkiye, and over 1000 delegates were present. This is the first full-scale general assembly since the outbreak of the pandemic, and marks a new chapter for the IFMSA in the post-pandemic era. Although we could only send out one delegate due to Hong Kong’s arrival inconveniences, it is nice to have some representation out there for the medical student community in Hong Kong. 

The Presidents' session gathers NMO representatives from all over the world where we talk about federation-wide issues and discuss potential drivers to further our federation’s development. Discussion items include a financial reform for the federation, membership system changes, policy processes streamlining and more. Among the topics, our NMO president, together with other associate NMOs, facilitated keynote discussions on the associate membership system voting right reforms. The session is also a good opportunity for presidents worldwide to connect and inspire ideas that could translate into international collaborations.

The National Food and Drinks Party

The NFDP is one of the signature sociocultural events we have in IFMSA, where delegates from all over the world bring local snacks and drinks to the conference, and share it with others. Eating practices can differ across countries, and the cuisines different cultures offer are distinct. This party allows delegates to be exposed to different eating cultures and appreciate the diversity we have at IFMSA.


Plenaries are the highest-level decision making bodies in the IFMSA, and through plenaries not only do we vote for federation wide issues, but could also appreciate the democratic decision making process that underlies the core of the federation. The August Meeting witnesses the election of the team of officials every year, and the new team is presented in front of the federation on this occasion.

President' Session

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