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Asian Medical Students'
Conference 2022

With medical technology having advanced greatly in recent years, previously improbable concepts like telerehabilitation have developed to become commonplace in healthcare settings around the globe. In the midst of a global pandemic, recent advancements in telemedicine have grown to become crucial in providing sufficient remote care, particularly in regions engulfed by COVID-19 infections. Telemedicine’s potential stretches beyond just providing safe healthcare alternatives during the pandemic; in preliminary studies, the technological efficiency of telemedicine has proven to be capable of relieving the strain on understaffed and underfunded public sectors. This year’s theme strives to further enrich delegate’s knowledge and understanding on this novel technology, and hopefully stimulate thorough discussion on telemedicine’s capabilities, limitations and role in our ever developing world.

Participant Testimonials

This year’s theme was undoubtedly chosen to be relevant. Over two years into a global pandemic, telemedicine has significantly increased in usage. This is likely to have permanent effects due to the increasingly dominant role of technology in healthcare. It was essential to learn not only about the prospects of telemedicine but also what we can do to overcome barriers as future health professionals. Topics covered in the lectures included the development of telemedicine, its clinical significance, and data security. The group discussions and presentation expanded upon the lecture content and were an excellent addition to stimulating a wide range of creative, intellectual, and interpersonal skills.

- Wai Kit Kong (CUHK M27)

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